CARL WELKISCH (1888 - 1984) as a Spiritual Healer, christian mystic, advisor, friend - foto album

Carl Welkisch

healer and mystic - 1888-1984

The Healer

Spiritual healing was Carl Welkischs greatest talent, from childhood on. The demands of this gift and his activities as a healer were, for the whole of his life, his greatest burden as well.

Both health and sickness are the most important fundament and aid for all people. These permit each person to lead his or her life correctly. For this reason, Welkisch could function as a healer in those situations where the cure aided in the personal development of the patient. Until 1934, when the Nazis arrested and jailed him, Welkisch earned his living by means of healing, chiefly in a successful practice in Breslau.

Once released from the concentration camp in which he had been interned, the National Socialist government forbade Carl Welkisch from continuing his healing activities. Nonetheless, until his death Welkisch was able to help innumerable people along their life paths by means of his inner and outer healing. Some achieved external health --- in part as though by a miracle and some were able to take an important step in their lives in the right way.

Carl Welkischs healing always brought more freedom into the lives of his patients, allowing them to continue along their personal life paths with a more acute vision and greater security.

At no time did Carl Welkisch hope to become famous due to his abilities. The driving force in his life was always to help people achieve order and authentic love in their lives by means of their own strength and responsibility.

You may inform yourself more thoroughly about Carl Welkischs activities as a healer in the publications of Geistfeuer Verlag. The pages of offer merely an initial contact with the life and teachings of the man.